Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Start Counting

Ever want to begin something new, but want to wait for the perfect time to start?  For example, you want to start a diet, but you decide to wait until after Christmas (even if its October).  Or you want to be more consistent in your spiritual life, but you wait until the New Year to start again.  You want to pursue a dream, but you need to wait for more time, or more money, or more energy.  It's almost February.  Like me, you might have intended to start something new in January, and have yet to start. Well, just start.  Don't even wait until February first for a new month.  We aren't promised tomorrow.

James 4:14  Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

So, here goes.  I want to be more thankful.  I'm reading Ann Voskamp's book, one thousand gifts.  I highly recommend the book, even though I'm only half way finished.  I also enjoy her blog  She's challenged me to look at life differently, not missing the blessings of the moment.  So right now, I will begin counting the one thousand gifts, one at a time.  I'm not going to worry if I miss a day or two, or even a week.  Stacy, just start counting...

1) the quietness of the house with all the girls snug in bed and Robb running
2) holding a friend's two week old baby, a miracle (and giving him back)
3) parents dropping in for a sorta planned visit at dinner time and having enough food to share
4) husband that likes to cook and recreates my dinner for #3
5) cup of  hot Chai Latte
6) early bedtime (exhausted)

What do you need to begin?  Do you need to just start counting?

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