Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forgiveness in the Car Line

Dear elementary car line participants,

I sincerely apologize for holding up the drop off line Friday morning.  I hope you understand my embarrasement.  Actually I hope you never have to empathize with the drama that unfolded.  What you did see...a wild, out of control mom, with a strong-willed child, refusing to walk into school.  What you did not see...the hour and half battle that began when the weary, eight-year-old "bear", surfaced out of her cave that morning.  She decided she did not want anyone to look at her, sit by her, or breathe on her.  During "Hot Chocolate and Holy Word" time, we (other girls and I) laughed about needing a "reverse" miracle.  Instead of wine, Jesus needed to change "the bear's" (and now mine) "whine" into water.  "The bear" just growled.  I tried to make her laugh with no avail.  I remained in control with twenty minutes of choosing a shirt to wear, twenty minutes of deciding what to eat for breakfast, and making everyone late for school.     

Now that you get a picture of what you did not see, does that justify my anger with my daughter?  No.  I get so frustrated when I can't remain calm and spirit- controlled.  Instead, self takes over and results in scenes I wish I could erase.  I had to apologize to my daughter for losing my temper (again).  I had to ask God to forgive my crazed reaction (again).  I also asked God for wisdom, which he promises to give freely to believers that ask.  I told my Moms in Prayer group, that met thirty minutes later, about the incident and asked them to pray.  Even today, a friend at church said, "I saw you in the drop off line Friday.  I prayed for you." My first thought, a sarcastic "Nice".

Don't you hate it when people see you "walking in the flesh" in public?  It ruins our "Sunday masked, perfect" image we hope everyone notices.  Or does it show that we need a Savior, a life-changer, a Holy Spirit to control us?

When sharing with others, don't wear your mask.  It's ok to share the ugly side that we are not proud of, but trying to overcome with Christ's help.  It shows others three sides of us.

1) We are "real".  We deal with the same issues other people deal with.  We are not perfect people, just people saved by grace, striving to become more like Christ.

2) We are "repentent".  We need God's forgiveness and CHANGE.

3) We are "reliant".  We NEED the Holy Spirit, the person of God living in us, to live our lives.  

Do you need forgiveness in the car line?  Do you need to take off your "perfect" mask?  Do you need a change, forgiveness, that only Christ can give?


  1. Soooo good, Stacy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes! It is hard to take off the mask, but we're all sinners aren't we? Who doesn't have struggles and bad days--and some of us, really bad days. God gave us one another to build each other up and spur one another on. The only way to do that is by being real and transparent about what's going on. I so appreciated this post!

  3. I love your honesty. You have inspired me to blog about Forgiveness in the kitchen....and the dining room.....and the office etc. I have a lot of work to do.

  4. God knew I could never mother 3 girls so I got two boys and a tomboy. My husband got the only girly girl we had. A whiney bear girl would never have survived. I applaud your 20 minutes x2 sessions. How you ever did it is beyond me. You are so far ahead of me it is frightening. I loved every minute of this.

    Hugs to you, young woman,
    Grandma Dawn


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