Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Gap

As I sat down to type a new blog, I almost forgot my password.  It's been so long!
I never intended to let my blog sit unchanged for three months.  But isn't that how life gets?
I wanted to let you know why I've moved my blog post down in priorities.

In September, I had a chance to speak in the large group opening at Friendship International, where I also co-teach a Bible class weekly.  (We average 85 ladies from all over the world).  I also spoke at a senior adult luncheon.  Two internationals came with me to the potluck luncheon.  After naming "mexican casserole", "potato casserole", "corn casserole", etc., I had to explain the new vocabulary word "casserole" to them (when you have a few ingredients and throw them together to call it a meal).

My father-in-law needed more care with his dementia and admitted to a facility 1.5 hours away.  Visiting him a couple of times and cleaning out my in-laws' garage became more of a priority.

My grandmother had another birthday (86), celebrating in Texas with family became more of a priority.

In October, we planned some family time with the girls on their school Fall Break.  But God had different plans.  When my phone rang at 10 p.m. Oct. 8, I thought it must be an emergency.  It was.  Sadly, we received news from my parents about my youngest sister.  Her husband, 50-years-old, passed away after complications from a heart attack and heart surgery.  My Dad, Mom, and younger sister loaded in my minivan to head to North Carolina at midnight.  Twenty-hours was a long drive.  It seemed even longer when we just wanted to be there!

We had a nice funeral for him that following Sat.  I had to read some words my sister wrote about him (The most difficult speaking assignment to date). With the help of my husband and tons of friends, I stayed with my sister another week.  Another huge priority! 

As soon as I returned home, I had already committed to work as a physical therapist two days a week (only 5-6 hrs/day), but definitely rearranged my priorities.  After the first week of work, I noticed I could keep up with the laundry so I continued to work two days a week until another therapist returned. (Finished now!)

November 1st I received an audit letter in the mail from my state medical licensing board.  My continue education hours for physical therapy are due Dec. 31st this year.  With the audit, I had to submit my hours to the board by Nov. 30th.  (I could go to any other courses in Dec. but basically had one month taken away).  Since continuing ed. hours usually get pushed lower on the priority list, I had several home studies to complete in a short amount of time.  I quickly put this as a priority, yet still mailed it to arrive just in time.

I've also been busy with children's activities.  Three girls with different talents and interests from God makes a momma extra busy!  (Drama-week of dress rehearsals and plays, gymnastics practices and first meet, piano lessons, flute lessons, children's choir, band contest)  No wonder I'm exhausted.  

Then Thanksgiving came!  My sister, who lost her husband in October, got to fly into town. My brother-in-law and niece came in from Houston.  We had Thanksgiving at my house and had both sides of the family together for the day.  We had so much fun eating, talking, laughing, and playing "Catch Phrase".  Another priority!

And now December!  I prepared to speak at a Christmas Tea for girls and moms/leaders this weekend, but we got snowed out.   

As you can see, I've had to change my priorities a bit.  I will continue to pray about when to move my blog up in priority.

For now, I will link any posts for Word Slingers.  I will share a song/poem I wrote at 2 a.m.

I will go enjoy the beautiful snow today.  And a SNOW DAY tomorrow!

 Psalm 51:7, "Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow."

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