Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parenting and Syria

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Parents, you know you’ve done it.  You’ve given a threat to your child hoping it would break the monotonous strong willed fit.  A threat you just knew would stop the madness.  And then it happens.  Your child acts as if you hadn’t spoken a word.  They continue down the path of disobedience with no chance of letting down. 

It took me forever to think of an example because my children are perfect (sarcastic).  Ok.  Here’s one.  One of my daughters decided to hold her ground on a wrong behavior.  After several attempts to give her choices to change her mind,  I threw out, “If you don’t stop, you will not get to go to your friend’s birthday party.”  I know,  Ridiculous!  But, I really thought it would work.  So when she decided to ignore my request, I had a decision.  Do I make her stay home from a birthday party?  Do I affect another child that had nothing to do with this punishment?  

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