Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life: Short and Unpredictable

Picture after the Boston Marathon bombing
Courtesy: Ben Thorndike

Life's short and upredictable.

Last week we celebrated the life of Tim Pickle, buried in my hometown at the age of 38.  He died of a heart attack.  A beautiful six-year-old girl left fatherless.  Life is short.

In the middle of a day of celebrating my oldest daughter's 12th birthday, news reports shout of bombings at the Boston marathon.  People that gathered to congratulate runners become victims or survivors in the matter of seconds.  Life is unpredictable.

With reminders that life is brief and always changing, people react in different ways.  One classmate went to get his heart checked demonstrating physical life and health are important.

Others gather to pray for victims of the Boston marathon.  Sometimes crisis bring us to our knees.  God, our only help and comfort, is always near. 

Some people may ask more spiritual questions through tragedy.  As they realize they may not be promised tomorrow, they may ask themselves if they are ready for death. 

But today I had a different reaction.  I told my athiest friend about Tim's sudden death.  My friend could relate to heart problems with a history of open heart surgery and blood pressure issues.  His response, "I guess we all die sometime and turn to dirt."  Yes.  He's right.

As I began to ask him questions about what would happen to him after he died, he quickly jumped to evolution.  He tried to say there is no God.  He agreed it would take more faith to believe in evolution vs. creation, yet held his ground.  I asked him if his study of science gave him hope.  "No," he responded.

He didn't want to hear about the God-particle, evidence that nature couldn't happen by chance.

He began to ramble about the Bible as if it were fiction.  Sadly, he wouldn't listen to proof that the Bible is the Word of God given to share God's love story to us.

It came down to this, my friend didn't want to hear about the Bible.  He has hardened his heart against truth.  Of all the tragedies this week, this is the saddest for me.  If my friend were to die today, he would be separated from God forever and live in eternal punishment.  It makes my heart sad that he won't even listen.  

Because life is short and unpredictable, followers of Jesus, we can't keep our mouths shut about the promise of hope in the Bible.  Hope that helps people in tragedy.  Hope that gives us a reason to live.  And hope of eternal life when we die.

Do you have hope?

What has been your reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing?


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