Friday, December 14, 2012

Senseless Gunman: Did Anyone Tell Him?

Picture by Adrees Latif/Reuters

Horrific news again!  A senseless gunman takes 26 innocent lives, including 20 children in an instant.

How could this happen?  Why?  Questions that will never be answered. 

I cannot imagine the deep, gut turning pain the parents felt at the words, "I'm sorry.  Your child didn't make it."  Holding the lifeless body in their arms with no words, just thoughts.  Overwhelmed with emotions of sorrow, anger, dread. 

As I hear my children laughing downstairs after a long day at school, I'm thankful.  I pray I never have to feel the pain of the parents today, but we never know. 

(About the gunman)
I wonder...
Did anyone tell him about a man,
who never did anything wrong?
Why would someone harm another so innocent?

Fear of a riot,
the crucifixion complete.
Only close friends and family mourned.

Did anyone tell him about a man,
different than anyone else.
He healed, forgave, proving to be God,
yet he died with the criminals.

Fear of a thief,
they guarded the tomb
with soldiers that didn't grieve.

Did anyone tell him about a man,
who died, but didn't stay there?
He rose again, three days later
with power over death and the grave.

Fear of a lost friendship, or other excuse,
believers near him stopped short of opening their mouths.
I wonder if life would be different today, if they had told him about the man.

When I tucked my seven-year-old daughter in tonight.  We prayed for everyone involved.  She said, "I hope the children knew about Jesus."
Who do you need to tell?

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