Monday, October 29, 2012

Which Would You Choose?

I'm having a hard time deciding what to blog about.

I just spent the weekend meeting one of my best friend's fiance.  She's in her forties and never married.  She thought God may have wanted her to remain single all her life, even though that was not her desire.  I could write about how they met this year, dated and engaged in less than a month.  They will marry in December.  God is faithful!

I could write about the Eid celebration my Muslim friends celebrated all weekend. Hearing the details of their celebration reminded me of the Old Testament sacrifices required for the forgiveness of sin.  And the lamb sacrificed in their celebration caused the title of Jesus, "Lamb of God" to echo in my ear.  I'm so thankful God provided Jesus as the final sacrifice for the forgivenss of  sin.  God is our provider!
I could write about a Muslim friend that became a believer last week and was baptized yesterday.     She has an amazing story of Jesus calling her.  God is Savior!

I could write about an amazing ministry, Truth Baptist Church.  They provided lunches to hungry children in apartments over school Fall Break.  One of their youth became a believer and was also baptized Sunday.  God is Good!

Since I can't decide on which to write about, I guess I'll quit spilling.  I'm so thankful for the loving, forgiving, life giving God I serve.  May His followers simply spill hope wherever they go this week!

Which story would you vote for?

Check out Truth Baptist here


  1. I want to hear about them all!! Stacy you are an inspiration!!

  2. Thank you, Denise. FB me your email address. I'll expand on one of them.


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