Thursday, September 27, 2012


The verse under "Help" is Isaiah 41:13

Thunder?  Really? (My thoughts when the bomb sounding explosion startled me awake last night).  Of course the unnerving sound immediately followed with two screeching girls racing to our room to claim their spot in our bed.  Our spacious king size bed quickly felt like a claustrophobic toddler bed.  I opted to go to my daughter's bed.  She followed behind. 

As I stayed awake peering through her rain streeking window, I remembered everyone experiences storms.  Yes, natural, literal storms and figurative, "storms" or trials in our lives.  I reflected on the outline I finished just an hour earlier on "Help".  I prepared it to speak to a group of church secretaries.  Even though my body experienced complete exhaustion from days of studying, writing, rewording, and rearranging, my mind still had the capacity to worry. Ugh!

What if its still raining tomorrow?  I won't be able to wear my new leopard print clogs.  (It had already taken me an hour to pick out my outfit, even with the help of a friend).  I guess I could wear the other outfit with my new, clearanced, purple rayon shirt/jacket (I may have created a new fashion word.  Scary.)  Oh, wait.  I just washed that shirt/jacket, and the inside tag was correct. Fabric100%rayon IS "dry clean only". It shrinks.  Oops.  Oh, am I'm speaking about "Help" in less than 12 hours?  I need help! Not fashion help, (well, that too. And since when did this former tomboy even care about fashion?)  I needed help to refocus.  Help to live out all I'd studied this week.  Help to rest.

Isaiah 41:13 
"For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand,
Who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’"
And yes, God helped me.  I slept five hours straight, in spite of the flailing legs and arms of a nine-year- old next to me.   Guess what!  It wasn't raining until after I spoke. (I packed flip flops just in case).

Bonus:  I received a take home cup (pictured above).  Ironically, I almost yelled for help.  You don't know how hard I tried to pop off that screw on top.  Oh, I need help!


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