Friday, February 3, 2012

Kindergarten Lunch

Who would have thought lunch with Kindergarten could create such... memories (wasn't sure of the adjective).  I met my daughter for lunch today in the elementary cafeteria.  I just wanted to spend some special time with her. However at 10:55 a.m., chaos unleashed.  About one hundred five and six-year-olds erupted in unison, yet none of them saying anything alike.  The teachers instucted them to walk (yeah right).  They have twenty minutes to stand (dance) in line, balance a full tray (miracle if no one drops), find a spot on a seat the size of a dime (well not quite that small) open milk without a spill (only ten spills is a good day) and enhale their food.  They are told to talk quietly, but what five or six year old defines quietly the same as adults? 

As a visitor, I had the privilege of sitting with my daughter at a round table apart from the rows of cafeteria style tables, but not far enough to enjoy any privacy (too loud anyway).  The two sweet?, (maybe not the correct adjective) brave? lunch room monitors, run  walk quickly (to be a good example) from raised hand child to raised hand child providing napkins, opening milks and other containers difficult for little hands.  I looked across and saw a boy on the ground frantically gathering the shredded cheese from his lunchable he dumped on the floor.  I intervened just in time to remind him not to eat the contaminated cheese.  He looked at me like, "now what am I supposed to eat."  I helped him open the rest of his lunchable and hands all around the table jetted into the air.  I looked for the ragged lunch ladies, too far to take over.  After helping the fifth child, I made my way back to my daughter.  So much for quality time.

Actually, she had plenty of time to eat.  When she only had her juice box left, she climbed into my lap, kissed my cheek, and then managed to cover both of us in juice.  Lovely.  About that time, the lunch lady announces with a microphone, "We only have five minutes left.  We will not be opening anymore water or milk.  You will need to finish what you have."  Only five minutes left, "I can do this," I thought.  The vice-principal arrived to try to quiet the unruly crowd.  She tries the mimic clap game three times, but the roar continues.  The lunch lady tosses out the reward for the quietest class to leave first.  I guess the children didn't think the reward matched the requirement, upheaval continued.  They finally gave up on a quiet lunch room and began dismissing them class by class.  Wow!  Twenty minutes seems so short, yet so full of events in the Kindergarten cafeteria. 

I'm wondering how many times God tries to get my attention, but I'm acting like a six year old in the cafeteia.  I speak instead of listen. I need to remember the message God gave to the Israelites:

Deuteronomy 13:4 (NASB)

4 You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.

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