Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Bottom of the "To Do" List

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Why I didn''t write.  Why I didn't _________. 

You know how it goes.  You intend to do something, but decide to do it the next day.  "There will be more time tomorrow," you say to yourself.  And so, it happens again the next day as it did the day before.  Then as time marches on you decide it must not be important enough.

That's exactly what I've done with this blog.

One husband.  Three very diversely talented girls who can't drive themselves.  End of the school year activities.  Ministries.  Time with friends and neighbors.  New friends.  Laundry.  House to clean.  Meals to prepare.  Last minute homeroom mom by default during teacher appreciation week.  OKC Thunder Basketball.

My list is endless and I know yours is too.

The fact is, I make time for anything I truly prioritize.  Whatever is at the top of my list always gets done.  It's the long list and the "to do's" at the bottom that get moved over to the next day's "to do" list.

My blog sat at the bottom of my "to do's" the days it made the list.

Honestly, today it wasn't even on my list.  I sat down to check something on it and noticed it hasn't been updated in so long!  Embarrassing to other blog writers.

So, bottom line.  It wasn't a priority.  And looking at my "to do's", I guess that wasn't a bad thing.

So I thought, Do I have "Spend time with Jesus" as a priority?

Where do I put Him on my list?

I have to admit, I am two days behind in the OT reading the Bible through in a year.  (If I were legalistic in my religion, I would panic.)  It does give an indication of my priorities, though.

I'm also glad "Spend time with Jesus" doesn't limit itself with the time I read my Bible.  I can "Spend time with Jesus" by simply asking Him about my decisions throughout the day.  I can talk to Him through prayer any moment of the day. 

I'm so glad my time with Jesus is a relationship, not a religion.  I want to spend time with Jesus out of love, not obligation.  I always need to check my "To do" list, though.  I should be able to see Him as a priority.

Where is spending time with Jesus on your "To do" list?

If you have more time (or put it on your "To do" list), here is my last post for Word Slingers:  Define "Son of God in 5 Minutes. Go. 

A Holy Experience

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