Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easily Distracted

We had some beautiful weather last week in Oklahoma.  I'm so ready for Spring!  I met a friend to take a quick walk before I picked up the girls from school.  She lives around the corner so we met in the middle.  She brought her four-year-old son and small puppy.  Her son almost raced pass me on his bike.  Thankfully, she had her adorable puppy on a leash.  He barked at me like he was a massive guard dog.  However, his high pitch cry didn't intimidate me.  Well after five minutes of the continuous yapping, I thought he'd never stop.  She said he just wants to smell me.  I obliged and he settled down.  She explained that he'd been to obedience school and rather complient when she is the only one around.  However, he gets easily distracted when others enter the picture.

How quickly I thought of how I act with my Master, Jesus.  How easy it is to listen to His voice, obey Him, and focus on our friendship when its just the two of us.  And sadly, how easily I can be distracted.    

My top 3 distractions:

1) Sin- (choosing my way instead of God's)
  Listening to lies of the deceiver.
  Lingering in thoughts I should avoid.
  Leaving Jesus' side to chase after distractions.

How quickly sin can destroy!

2) Self (relying on my strength, instead of God's)  (also sin)
  Not listening to God's advice
  Not lingering to hear His voice
  Not waiting for His "go"

How quickly self takes control!

3) Stuff (things we can't take with us to heaven)
  Looking for what others have and making my own list
  Longing to be satisfied with things that are only earthly
  Living life without eternal focus, opportunities missed

How quickly time is wasted!

My prayer to Jesus:
I want to linger in Your presence in the quiet times.
I want to listen to Your directions in the noise.
I want to look to You for the way of escape (you promise one when I am tempted).
I want to lean on You for wisdom in my moment to moment decisions.
I want to live content with what You give me, thankful for each blessing.
I want to leave this world with many others I've taken to Your presence.

Help me live the focused life each day!

What distracts you the most? 


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