Friday, June 22, 2012

Lost Time

What do you do when you haven't talked to someone in a while?  Do you try to catch them up with everything in your life from the last time you talked?  Do you hit the highlights of the last week?  Do you share only the good events, or your struggles?

That's my struggle today.  I'm trying to blog about my crazy two weeks, only to realize it's impossible.  I've been busy with family vacation, grandmother in/out of the hospital, and Vacation Bible School.  I've had many subjects for blogs, but never took the time to right them down.
Ideas: new tires, Sea World in two days, tubing behind a jet ski, 1000 piece puzzles, transitions, stress, Monday VBS lesson, Thunder Basketball (sniff, sniff) and Tooth Fairy II (the movie playing as I type).   

I realize when time passes and I don't write about it, I may never make up for lost time.  So, the subject today:  When you miss time with God... What do I mean?  For those who are Jesus followers, our friendship with God, just like friendships with earthly friends, deepens with time.  Time spent in focused prayer: maybe using a prayer guide or prayer request list.  Time spent in the Bible: reading through a book of the Bible, or using a Bible study guide.  Time focused on eternal goals vs. selfish goals.

Tips for Time with God

I.  Start with the present.  You can never make up the time.  Just start now (even if you stop reading this post).  Don't go another day without spending time with God.  Don't say, "I'll start tomorrow." 

II.  Don't let Satan guilt you of yesterday.  If we waste our time listening to Satan's lies about rules and regulations of Christianity, we miss more time of our relationship with God.  

III.  Begin fresh tomorrow.  Praise the Lord, each day is a new day.  You may need to get up ten minutes earlier tomorrow to make God a priority. 

Philippians 1:6   For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Believers:  What do you do for your time with God? 
Not yet believers:  Would you like to start a friendship with God?

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