Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Memories

Easter Sunday holds a special place in my heart for several reasons.  Yes, first and foremost I celebrate Easter as the day our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, conquered death, the reason for my hope.  But to my family, Easter has other significant memories. 

Easter eleven years ago, our first-born came into the world.  Thankfully she came in the evening so I could wear my highly debated new, maternity dress.  I taught second grade Sunday school class as usual, sharing the great news about Jesus coming to save us from our sin.  We worshipped in "big church", timing contractions and singing along.  We went to my in-laws house for Easter lunch.  When we arrived, I thought I should start with dessert, just in case I had to leave for the hospital.  My contractions, now much longer and stronger, deserved my attention.  My husband wasn't sure if we should go to the hospital, or not.  We had already been the week before, only to be sent home.  Finally, my Father-in-Law said, "Son, I've seen that look before.  I think you should take her to the hospital."  I'm forever grateful to my Father-in-Law.  After waltzing into the maternity floor and taken to a room with no equipment, the nurse says, "You are going to have this baby today."  I'll spare you all the labor details, but at 8:19 p.m., our beautiful, forever life-changing daughter announced in her own way, "Happy Easter!"  My husband, with tears running down his face, opened the door to family awaiting the unknown announcement.  "It's a girl!"  I will never forget this special Easter Day.

Fast forward nine years. My "Easter surprise", now a third grader, gave us one of the most memorable Easters ever.  My family, my husband's family, and friends watched as the Pastor of our church baptized her.  She had already made the most important decision of her life, to follow Jesus, on Christmas night a few months previous.   She believed Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and rose again to take the penalty of her sin. She accepted Jesus' gift of forgiveness, trusting Him to be her boss.  The book of John (Chapter 3) described this as the second birth or being born-again, a spiritual birth.  So, Easter morning her baptism told everyone about what happened in her heart.  My sweet girl, born on Easter, demonstrated through her baptistm that she was"born again."  What an Easter!

And now, this Easter.  My youngest daughter, age six, has asked many questions about Jesus coming again, heaven, hell, and becoming a Christian over the last few months.  Easter Sunday evening we attended Truth Baptist Church that meets at an apartment complex in our city.  The Pastor served the Lord's Supper and wanted us to come up as families to observe the meal together.  (Jesus gave us instructions for the Lord's Supper when he gave the disciples instructions the night before he was crucified.  The bread represented Jesus' body, that was torn apart for our sin.  And the wine represented his blood he gave on the cross.)  Our youngest had never eaten the Lord's Supper meal because she had never trusted Jesus for herself  (or so we thought).  She continued to "bug" us about taking the meal.  As quietly as we could, we argued for her to wait until we could talk to her after the service. When we got home, she wanted crackers and apple juice.  She would have her own Lord's Supper.  We talked to her and realized she understood that her sin separated her from God.  She said she had already prayed to ask for forgiveness, but hadn't told us.  We told her to wait until next Sunday and tell the Pastor about her decision.  She couldn't wait.  "No.  I want to tell someone tomorrow," she said.  So, Monday I called our children's minister and set up a time for her to talk to her about following Jesus.  Wow!  Another Easter blessing.  Now, all of our girls are followers of Christ.  Easter never gets old.       

Do you have any special Easter memories?
He is Risen!


  1. Such as great story and sweet memories for your family! So happy for M!!!


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