Thursday, October 27, 2011

Starting to Spill

After an amazing week with comedian Ken Davis and staff (thank you Coach Curtis Fletcher) at a SCORRE conference, where I learned some dynamic communication techniques (My husband, Robb, hopes it will help), I'm taking some new steps.

The first step- Blogging.  To me, blog was just another four letter word (like food, of course).  Besides being new, blogging seems overwhelming, uncomfortable, and just down -right a waste of time (I hope I'm wrong).

So Simply Spilling...I hope my blog will help you look at your life through these three lenses:

The first lens, look outside.  I want my posts to help you to look outside of yourself.  Look at the journeys of others, maybe even thousands of years ago, or true stories of mine, and find RELEVANT truths in which you RELATE. 

The second lens, look inside. I want my posts to be ones that help you to REFLECT on your own journey. I love relaying real stories that make you take a gut check.  Why read someone else's journey if you can't apply it to yours?  I love reflecting on real truths of the word of God and then asking, “Now what?”

And the final and most important lens, look up.
I want my posts to help you to RESPOND to the most amazing person I know- the God of the Bible, the only true One (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).  After reading each blog, I would love for you to ask, “What is my response?” 

I would love my posts to either encourage you to begin your friendship with Jesus or
encourage you to finish strong.

May my posts help you to look at life through new lenses: look outside, look inside, and look up.  May you relate, reflect, and respond.

Yes, I would love to share my journey with you.  May you share your journey with me.  As a follower of Christ, God has a huge task to finish the good work He started in me (He promised he would.)  Some days I can see some change.  Other days, I feel as though I'm acting like a stubborn two-year-old, resistant to any painful, yet productive transformation Jesus may want to do in my life.  I'd love for you to laugh with me, cry with me, and most importantly enjoy life with me.  Welcome to Simply Spilling spilling my thoughts may we all be changed along the way.

Update- Changed name to:

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  1. SCORRE!

    Great start. I'm looking forward to your journey and the perspective you offer others.


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